Casting Call: Carrie Underwood, “Teen Wolf” and a Whole Bunch of Upcoming Wolverine News!

We took a break last week from Casting Call to digest our Thanksgiving turkey, but now we’re back with the latest and greatest updates on movie and television casting. Don’t miss out on the next movie or show starring your favorite celebrity. This week: America’s favorite quirky character actress gets a new co-star, “Ten Wolf” gets hairier, and some big news from Mutant Nation. Let’s dig in, shall we?


On Fox’s “New Girl”, Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess will be getting sufficiently creeped out by Nate Corddry (“United States of Tara” and “The Daily Show”). Corddry is set to play a classmate named Edgar in Jess’s creative writing class. Even though his material (and mannerisms) weird Jess out and she thwarts his advances, Edgar quickly develops an obsession our favorite adorkable thirty-something. Tune in later this season to see how the Edgar/ Jess relationship plays out!

Carrie Underwood will play Maria Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music.” No, they aren’t remaking the classic musical, but NBC is putting together a live broadcast based on the iconic Broadway show. This three-hour live special is being helmed by Craig Zedan and Neil Meron, the producers of NBC’s “Smash” and the 2013 Academy Awards, and will air this holiday season. Don’t miss Underwood’s first big acting gig, and a chance to put her legendary pipes on display.

“Desperate Housewives” twins Charlie and Max Carver are joining the third season of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” The duo will play Ethan and Aidan, teen alpha werewolves who are cute, charming, and cunning. In other “Teen Wolf” casting news, Adelaide Kane was recently cast as Cora, a beautiful woman somehow mysteriously tied to Beacon Hills. Felisha Terrell will also join the show as a ruthless alpha werewolf named Kali.


Oscar nominee Angela Basset has been cast in Gregg Araki’s new indie drama, called “White Bird in a Blizzard,” about a young girl whose mother disappears. Basset will be playing a character named Dr. Thaler, but no specifics have been released yet. She’s cast opposite Shailene Woodley (“The Descendents”), Gabourey Sidibe (“Precious”), and Eva Green (“Casino Royale”).

X-Men fans, brace yourselves for excitement overload! Not only have Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen signed on to reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto, but Hugh Jackman will also be back to play Wolverine in the next X-Men flick. Director Bryan Singer plans to merge X-Men actors from the “X-Men: First Class” prequel and the original “X-Men” trilogy for the new film “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Jackman will likely play both young and older Wolverine, which should work well considering his cameo in “First Class.” Jackman is also busy currently filming his second Logan spin-off, entitled “The Wolverine,” so we can certainly look forward to lots of claw-wielding. Snickity-snickt!

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