“Dancing With the Stars” Heats Up – But Is Bristol Palin Dancing Herself Off the Show?

Celebrity contestants and professional partners on “Dancing with the Stars” have a rich history of not getting along: Kym Johnson and Jaleel White, Kate Gosselin and Tony Davolani, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and just about everyone he’s been paired with. Now it’s Bristol Palin and her current (and former) partner Mark Ballas who seem to be engaged in a classic “Dancing” feud.

With the upcoming double elimination on the horizon, contestants are bringing the drama, hoping to earn a Week Four spot. And because rumors of a Palin/Ballas meltdown have been circulating in the press, the ABC show was forced to acknowledge it – though, in true “DWTS” fashion, Bristol and Mark tried to downplay the fight by holding onto each other and pretending to make sad, teary faces before their roll-in package aired.

Apparently, Sarah Palin’s controversial daughter is pretty bummed about the low scores that she and Mark have been receiving (and they have been low), and she feels that Mark’s lack of enthusiasm means he wishes he’d been paired with another, more able contestant – perhaps along the lines of Mark’s former partners, “Cheetah Girl” Sabrina Bryan or Olympian Shawn Johnson, who are both competing again this season. She’s also peeved because Mark’s been late to rehearsals lately – and Ms. Palin don’t have time for none of that!

When confronted, Ballas denied all of this and instead tried to get Tripp’s mama to focus on the current dance. Instead, Palin brushed him off (literally) and walked out of the rehearsal – this is always cause for concern, considering it’s a dance competition and rehearsing is kind of a necessity.

After that emotional video, the tensions were high for the pair’s paso doble, which took place on a giant, life-sized chess board with Bristol and Mark dressed like a king and queen chess piece. This makes no sense but come on, it’s “DWTS,” it’s supposed to be a little confusing!

Actually, their dance wasn’t awful. Bristol still needs to work on putting a little more expression in her face, but all in all, their dance was one of their better ones, so maybe a little pre-performance arguing is good for them. They even got their highest scores of the season, although they’re still at the bottom of the leader board.

Now, the big question looms: Will the feuding foot-stompers be able to survive tonight’s episode?

People tend to hate on Bristol, but there is something very vulnerable and likeable about her. She seems like a shy, sweet girl who’s just trying to improve, so people relate to that. She’s obviously not a professional entertainer, and no matter how you feel about her family, if you watch the show with an open mind you can’t help but root for her. She’s the true underdog in this ongoing competition.

Will any of this be enough to keep her hopes of winning afloat? It will be especially tough because of tonight’s double elimination. Time will tell if these two crazy kids will live to dance (and fight) another day.

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