Hot Couple Alert: Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Dating?

Ladies, break out the champagne, your favorite curly haired boy-bander is still single!

Panic and utter chaos broke out recently amongst females everywhere – we’re talking dogs and cats living together stuff – when rumors surfaced that Harry Styles of One Direction may be in a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. The rumors, however, seem to be nothing more than that.

Taylor and Harry met at the Kid’s Choice Awards in March, and tongues have been wagging ever since. Instantly, Directioners across the globe began to worry, because we are all quite aware of Taylor Swift’s…track record, and fans aren’t sure if they can handle another Swift breakup-turned-into-a-song saga.

The pair reunited recently on the set of “The X Factor” and, according to onlookers, they had a rather fun time together. Host Mario Lopez later revealed on his radio show that “Haylor” were seen walking hand-in-hand in the “X Factor” parking lot. It wasn’t long after that the rumors began to spread (again) like wild fire in a petrol station. It even got to the point where Styles reportedly invited Swift to a One Direction holiday party they were hosting in the States to meet his parents. Let’s reiterate that one: MEET. HIS. PARENTS.

OMG, indeed.

Now, the problem with people like Harry Styles is that since he is a part of a worldwide phenomenon of five incredibly good-looking boys, any time he is photographed/seen talking to/in the same room as a female he is automatically dating them. So these “Haylor” rumors are suspect, to say the least.

So, what do we know now? Well, during their time in the States leading to an upcoming show at New York’s Madison Square Garden, “Extra” sat down with the boys in an interview to set some things straight. When they were asked about who was in a relationship, both Zayn and Louis immediately admitted that they were happily taken, whilst Niall explained that he, Harry and Liam are all “single Pringles.”

The boys were also asked to divulge their celebrity crushes. This was a lot harder to get them to reveal, as only Niall came out and said Megan Fox (Good choice, Niall!).

So, there you have it, straight from their mouths to your ears. The only two that are taken are Louis and Zayn, and the remaining three – including Harry – are open for business if we are to take them at their word.

So ladies, let those tears of joy flow – there is still hope for you!

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