“Justice League” Rises Again – But Will Christian Bale Team Up With Superman, Wonder Woman and the Rest?

Never say never. While it seemed that last year’s epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, “The Dark Knight Rises,” would be his last outing at the helm of the franchise ship, the rumor mill keeps chugging away, refusing to let the possibility of one more adventure go. Despite repeatedly saying he had done everything he wanted to do with the character, there are reports that Nolan could return to Gotham after all as a producer on the much-anticipated and long-rumored “Justice League” movie at Warner Bros.

As a source at Latino Review stated, “Christopher Nolan has completely taken over the DCU at Warner Bros. Anything having to do with these super heroes goes through him now.” That’s quite a boast, but not an entirely unbelievable one. Nolan’s prowess at bringing back the Caped Crusader from Hollywood’s critical graveyard has earned him some serious street cred in Hollywood, and the fact that he was brought on to produce this summer’s Superman reboot, “Man of Steel,” seems to reinforce that he “is” the go-to guy for DC’s band of heroes.

Most of the hopes for launching finally developing “Justice League” will be hinging on the success of “Man of Steel,” which is being directed by Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen”). Based off the trailers that have been released so far, it appears Snyder is indeed adopting a Nolan-esque style and going for a grittier, darker version of Superman, laced with symbolism. If the cards fall right come it’s June release, Snyder could potentially be given the reigns for DC’s answer to last year’s worldwide smash, “The Avengers,” joining Henry Cavill’s Superman with perhaps the likes of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and of course, Batman.

But should all this come to pass, who will take the torch? Would Christian Bale be willing to don the rubber suit once more? Or would someone else in the Nolan universe take over? Christian Bale did reveal in an interview that should the circumstances be right (and Nolan was involved), he’d love to be involved in another chapter. Well, that’s certainly comforting. But seeing as all of this is massive conjecture, let’s not throw the confetti just yet.

A lot should be revealed in the coming months as to this project’s development, especially once “Man of Steel” hits theaters on June 14th. While it seems almost cruel to have to speculate with no concrete evidence to ease the pain, it’s hard to blame the fanatics (myself included); if it wasn’t for Chris Nolan, we’d probably still have the image of nipples on the Bat-suit embedded in our memory.

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