Kate Middleton Prank-Called in Hospital, Nurse Gives Out Pregnancy Details to “Charles” and “The Queen”

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has only been news for a few days – but already, the insanity has begun.

In the latest news, the hosts of an Australian radio show called 2Day FM – Mel Greig and Michael Christian – prank called King Edward VII hospital, attaining top-secret information on the world’s most highy-anticipated pregnancy. Duchess Kate Middleton, currently being held there for acute morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, is still many months away from giving birth – but when the radio hosts pretended they were Prince Charles and the Queen of England, they got some star-struck nurses to spill the beans.

Despite some ill-conceived phony accents and a third person barking in the background pretending to be a Royal Corgi, they were able to reach the direct nurses station currently caring for Kate. The nurse was clearly nervous talking to the presumed “Queen” and “Prince” of England, and she didn’t hesitate to give details about Kate’s well being.

“She has had an uneventful night,” the nurse explained. “And she has been given some fluids, because she was quite dehydrated when she came in.”

You can listen to the call here…



Believe it or not, the Mirror tells us that the radio station thoroughly thought it through before releasing the call. Before airing the clip, the stations’ lawyers listened in and gave an okay to release this confidential information about the health of the Duchess. Legally, it seems as though the station isn’t responsible for the hospital’s poor security measures, since they weren’t expecting the prank to go as far as it did!

Prior to the call, the perky pair didn’t think their prank would work and even mentioned they didn’t really want to bother the sick mum-to-be. It was almost TOO easy for them to be transferred straight from reception to the nurses’ station. Chances are that if Kate were awake, the nurse would have handed her the phone! While the hospital is speaking out against the radio station’s prank, calling it “foolish and deplorable,” it might be the hospital that is in hot water – reports are that King Edward VII hospital is now revamping telephone protocol and security surrounding patients.

As you can see, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has already caused quite the media frenzy, and paparazzi will be following her every move for the next nine months. It goes without saying that any staff assigned to direct care of the Duchess shoul be on their guard about anyone asking for information.

Years ago, when Princess Diana suffered from similar media scrutiny while preggers, she famously stated: “I felt the whole country was in labor with me.” Now, it seems, Kate is suffering that same state of anticipation. Hopefully the Duchess will get well soon, and will be resting in the comfort of her own palace, where no more pranksters can get to her!

What do you think of such prank events? Are radio hosts like these people the lowest of the low, or is it all in good fun?

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