Lindsay Lohan Has Her Probation Revoked, Faces Serious Jail Time

It looks like Lindsay Lohan may be visiting a jail cell sometime in the near future, after her probation was revoked in Los Angeles earlier today.

Lohan was absent from today’s hearing, leaving her lawyer, Shawn Holley, there on her behalf. She is requested back in court on January 15th for her official hearing, where she will be charged with reckless driving, obstruction and lying to the police charges following her June car accident.

Lohan was granted probation after pleading no contest to the jewelry theft charges filed against her last March. If she could stay out of trouble, the courts ruled at the time, she could stay out of jail.

Unfortunately for Lohan, this all ended after the Porsche accident that occurred when the star was on her way to shoot her “comeback” film “Liz and Dick.” Lohan denied to officers that she was even behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

At this point, the courts seem to be quite annoyed with the onetime fast-rising “Mean Girls” star and the notion that she can’t stay out of trouble for more than a month. Following her most recent headline-making incident, a brawl in New York, Lohan could spend up to 245 days in jail now that she has broken parole– and this time, she might actually have to stay there for longer than a few hours.

According to Lohan’s attorney, she may not attend the next hearing on this charge. She is, however, required to show up to court in New York City on January 7th for the assault on Florida fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell.

At this point, it seems safe to say that we’ve all given up hope that “Liz and Dick” or anything else is part of a return to form for Lindsay. It would probably be best for her to spend a few days in jail, so she can stop getting into trouble.

The amazing thing to remember is that, as bad as Lindsay may seem, when Robert Downey Jr. was at his lowest point he was even worse off – and look at all he’s been able to do in the years since. We’re still trying to root for you, Lindsay!

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