Rihanna Appointed “Rock Star Of The Year” By MTV News

Rihanna has finally been awarded for not caring what anyone thinks.

On Tuesday, MTV News took it upon themselves to crown the “Umbrella” singer their “Rock Star of the Year.” And while that may leave you scratching your head and saying: “What does Rihanna have to do with rock ‘n’ roll?” What it really seems to boil down to is the attitude – and the Barbadian beauty has that to spare.

In 2012, Riri made her share of shocking career moves that have us redefining what and who can rock the hardest. Considering the re-emergence of electro synth pop, dub-step, and the steady reign of alt rock, most “real” rockers have been put out to pasture. For proof, look no further than the Best-Selling Rock Music of 2012. From Mumford & Sons to The Lumineers – neither of which particularly conjure up the big hair, unruly guitar solos, and man makeup of the 80’s – the old-school notion of “rock star” is long gone.

Rihanna, however, is very much carrying the torch of the rock star, for now. Consider this: During her short reign, she has posed nude on any and every occasion. Most recently, she appeared on the cover of GQ, strategically covering her privates. Not the bashful type, the 24-year-old singer has also flaunted her blunt-rolling skills – while sitting atop an unnamed man at a concert!

What’s more rock ‘n’ roll than that?

Rihanna is proudly fearless, and happy to give anyone the finger without much provocation; her music is equally defiant playfully explicit and fun. Despite the wishes of an entire fanbase, she reconnected with her ex, Chris Brown, despite the 2009 assault that nearly killed her – so very Sid & Nancy. Finally, she led hundreds of journalists on the barnstorming 777 tour all over the world, partying it up at every stop with the press, “Almost Famous”-style.

Basically, Rihanna can do no wrong. And even when she does end her movie career before it begins with one of the year’s worst films (“Battleship”), her movie mediocrity continues in the tradition of rock legends like Bowie, Jagger and Bob Dylan.

With her latest song, “Nobody’s Business,” Rihanna addresses her complete lack of concern about why people think her and Chris Brown are bad for each other. A duet between the two, MTV says when giving her the title that: “While so many shrank from the spotlight, in 2012, Rihanna not only embraced it, she bent it over and made it her b-tch…being a rock star is all in the attitude, and if that truly is the case, well, then there was no one who flashed more attitude (among other things) than she did.”

Yet, despite the hoopla over the company she has chosen to keep, her music has always been fresh and defiant, much like herself. Riri has sold over 25 million albums and has a string of hits like “We Found Love” (#1 on the Hot 100 list for the last 2 months of 2011), “Diamonds” and the “Birthday Cake” remix.

These days, when Chris Martin of Coldplay and Gavin Rossdale of Bush are both home playing daddy day care, the changing media landscape has created what we can only call “rock star light.” Although she may not be the stereotype, Rihanna’s attitude is just as defiant as the Stones tossing a TV off a balcony, Ozzy biting the head off a bat, or Led Zep experimenting with seafood. Concluding their thoughts, MTV added: “Rihanna went from squeaky clean pop star to down and dirty Rock Star in just three short years. At this point, the sky truly is the limit.”

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