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Casting Call: Carrie Underwood, “Teen Wolf” and a Whole Bunch of Upcoming Wolverine News!

We took a break last week from Casting Call to digest our Thanksgiving turkey, but now we’re back with the latest and greatest updates on movie and television casting. Don’t miss out on the next movie or show starring your favorite celebrity. This week: America’s favorite quirky character actress gets a new co-star, “Ten Wolf” […]


American Music Awards Round-Up: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj Steal the Show

As last night’s American Music Awards proved, the stars rarely turn down a chance to come out and mingle, especially when the opportunity to mingle with some of their own idols presents itself. It was a melee for the young (hey there, Biebs!), beautiful (here’s looking at you, Ms. Swift), and strange (Korean pop sensation […]