The Kevin Clash Story Gets Even More Sad, As Third Accuser Points the Finger at Elmo Creator

Another day and more bad news for fans of “Sesame Street,” as Kevin Clash is facing yet another accuser bringing claims against the creator of Elmo.

Another potential victim has stepped forward, claiming he engaged in sexual relations with the 52-year-old Clash when he was underage. The Manhattan man, known only as “John,” claims that he and Clash met on a gay telephone hotline in 2000, where Clash called himself “Craig” and claimed to be 30-years-old. At the time Clash was actually 40, and the accuser a mere 16.

“John” claimed that he had just moved to New York from Florida, and he had plans to pursue a career in modeling. After meeting over the phone, the two decided to meet in person. John’s lawyer told the New York Daily News that they met at Clash’s apartment where they engaged in “some sexual activity.”

This entire Clash sex scandal has been muddled in confusion. The initial accuser, Sheldon Stephens, released a statement earlier this month claiming he and Clash had a sexual relationship when he was just 16-years-old. Stephens later declared the inappropriate relationship with Clash “consensual” and recanted his accusations, receiving a handsome $125,000 settlement – which he has since said he wants to give back.

Shortly thereafter, Clash retired from” Sesame Street” and that same day another victim, Cecil Singleton, filed a claim that he and Clash had sex in 1993, when Singleton was 15-years-old and Clash was 32. Singleton is suing Clash for $5 million in damages. Exactly a week later, the third accuser – “John” – has released his statement.

Clash’s publicist, Risa Heller, responded to the newest allegations by saying: “Mr. Clash believes the lawsuit has no merit.” As more accusers continue to step forward, things aren’t looking very favorable for the famous voice actor. Nicerazzi will deliver up-to-date details as this story continues to unfold.

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