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Amanda Bynes – Brilliant Performance Artist, Or Mentally-Unhinged Cautionary Tale? Here’s The Latest On Hollywood’s Bigest Enigma

As the case with former child star Amanda Bynes gets stranger by the minute, it would almost seem at home as the plot of a bizarrely inappropriate skit on the actress’s old “The Amanda Show.” Sadly, that is not the case and the reality seems to be that Bynes’ is yet another tragic tale to […]


Summer 2012 is Here at the Movies! But Which Flicks Will Soar, and Which Will Suck?

Summer is upon us! And as usual, Hollywood is throwing its best and brightest blockbusters at the world, hoping to break box office records, or at the very least, break even. So what’s in store for those looking to beat the heat at theaters this year? Here’s a breakdown of five flicks we think will […]


“Saturday Night Live” Says Goodbye to Some of Its Biggest Stars! So, What Does the Future Hold For Stefon?

As is sadly so often the case, all good things must come to an end. If there was ever a TV show that knew this better than anyone, it’s “Saturday Night Live.” I suppose it comes with the territory of being a sketch comedy show that has been on the air for over thirty-five years; […]


The “X-Men” Are Back As Details Leak About the Blockbuster Prequel “Days of Future Past”!

To add to the list of never-ending teases that director Bryan Singer is raining down on the legions of “X-Men” fans, the filmmaker recently tweeted a picture of cast member Ellen Page all suited up as Kitty Pryde, adding to the growing allure of this newest anticipated chapter. For weeks, Singer has been reveling in […]