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Big Celebs Including Katy Perry, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson Show Up To Help Obama Kick Off Second Term

It was a big day for President Barack Obama as he was sworn in for his second term, but as is often the case with our 44th POTUS, his undeniable cool factor was enhanced by the string of celebrities that showed up for the festivities. Among the performers for the day’s events, James Taylor graced […]


Counterpoint: Could Psy, The Gangnam Style Guy, Be The Next Madonna?

His video has nearly 500 million YouTube views. Flash mobs around the world pay tribute to him. But amazingly, he’s being called the most detestable name an artist with a top-selling song could be labeled with. One-hit wonder. From what we’re seeing, Park Jae-Sang (a.k.a. Psy), the 34-year-old South Korean creator of the “Gangnam Style” […]


“Dancing With the Stars” Heats Up – But Is Bristol Palin Dancing Herself Off the Show?

Celebrity contestants and professional partners on “Dancing with the Stars” have a rich history of not getting along: Kym Johnson and Jaleel White, Kate Gosselin and Tony Davolani, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and just about everyone he’s been paired with. Now it’s Bristol Palin and her current (and former) partner Mark Ballas who seem to be engaged […]