The “X-Men” Are Back As Details Leak About the Blockbuster Prequel “Days of Future Past”!

To add to the list of never-ending teases that director Bryan Singer is raining down on the legions of “X-Men” fans, the filmmaker recently tweeted a picture of cast member Ellen Page all suited up as Kitty Pryde, adding to the growing allure of this newest anticipated chapter. For weeks, Singer has been reveling in fandom’s glee over his return to the Marvel adaptation he helped create (Singer directed the first two ventures, “X-Men” in 2000 and its sequel “X2” in 2003, before leaving the franchise to do 2006’s “Superman Returns” reboot).

Having already tweeted first looks at returning fan favorites like Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine and Halle Berry as Storm, the momentum for the fourth round of X-Men adventure, titled “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” has been increasing at a staggering rate. The buzz surrounding it is pretty apt when you consider the epic cast that has been brought together for this installment. While I can’t say I ever followed the comic books, I do know that “Days of Future Past” is a HUGE storyline from the comics; a plot that brings together the casts of the original films and 2011’s “X-Men: First Class,” which was primarily an origin story for our heroes.

So yes, that means we’ll be seeing the likes of the magnificent Ian McKellan as Magneto and the fantastic Michael Fassbender as his younger incarnation in the same movie! Will they actually share screen time? Well, that remains to be seen (unless you DO read the comics and are much wiser than I am in “X-Men” lore). The same story goes for the young Professor X (James McAvoy) and his older counterpart Patrick Stewart, as well as a myriad of others returning like Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Paquin, and the aforementioned Ms. Berry and Mr. Jackman.

With so many actors coming together, it’s quite tempting to shout out “Assemble!” but as it may be sacrilege to reference another beloved faction in the Marvel universe when speaking about this one, I’ll just end with the obvious: This movie needs to be seen. Hopefully Singer continues with the tantalizing updates until “Days of Future Past” hits theaters next summer, July 18th!

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