Celebrities. People follow their every move – the ups and downs. Especially the down side. Entrepreneurs have made fortunes largely by beating up on the world’s most famous citizens. They’re stalked, harassed, and at times treated as if their fame erases their civil rights.

The industry is overflowing with writers who value snark over the story. Paparazzi who shoot photos of  a star’s kids when asked not to. Outlets who scream at actors, then report the “Scandal!” of them responding. It’s all enough to make you, the reader, feel like you need to take a shower to wash off the scum.

It’s easy to blame the supply side: the peddlers of dirty celebrity laundry. But none would exist without sufficient consumer demand.

We’re a bunch of fans who believe the people who entertain us deserve better. And that many readers want something a bit different. Nicerazzi isn’t just nicer to celebrities, and we’re certainly not here to kiss butts – instead, we’re more thoughtful, and hopefully, more helpful. Here you’ll find stories on celebrity culture you won’t get anywhere else (unless they link to

To our knowledge, nothing quite like Nicerazzi has been attempted. We’re sure we’ll make our share of mistakes. When we do, we want you to let us know. Please think of Nicerazzi as a two-way dialogue. We’re looking forward to your participation.

Thank you for being part of a new conversation. And we hope you’ll enjoy getting all your gossip, with none of the grime.