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Taylor Swift Debuts New Song, Video Featuring “Real Life Friends”

Man, sometimes I wonder how Taylor Swift does it. The girl must seriously never sleep; or maybe she’s one of those rare and exotic creatures that gets a relaxing 2 hours, and then awakens alert, energized, ready to take on the world. Regardless, it’s quite clear the young singer is on a roll and never […]


Is La Toya Jackson Manipulating Michael’s Kids? Or Is She Simply Being a Good Aunt?

Could Michael Jackson’s kids be following in their famous family footsteps? It seems like a strong possibility, considering a report that The King of Pops’ little ones have signed to their guardian’s talent agency – Ja-Tail Enterprises, run by Michael’s sister La Toya. According to an inflammatory report by The New York Post, La Toya […]


Kim Kardashian Leads the Revolution as Instagram’s New Policy Outrages Celebs: Who Else is Leaving the App?

Instagram learned the hard way this week that you don’t anger the Internet—or celebrities. First, the uber-popular photo-sharing app announced new terms of service that seemed to imply the company could now share users’ information and photos with advertisers, with no notice or compensation. Unsurprisingly, the Internet responded fast — and angrily. Within hours of […]


Jay McGuiness of The Wanted Sticks Up For His Band’s Most Troubled Fan: “Free Lindsay!”

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has an unexpected ally in her corner. Surprising fans, The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness wore a “Free Lindsay” t-shirt on stage, making a statement about the plight of the troubled former teen star. The T-shirt was his own design, says the 22-year-old British pop star. “I’m a little bit of an artist, […]