Amanda Bynes – Brilliant Performance Artist, Or Mentally-Unhinged Cautionary Tale? Here’s The Latest On Hollywood’s Bigest Enigma

As the case with former child star Amanda Bynes gets stranger by the minute, it would almost seem at home as the plot of a bizarrely inappropriate skit on the actress’s old “The Amanda Show.” Sadly, that is not the case and the reality seems to be that Bynes’ is yet another tragic tale to be added to the long list of child stars that crumble under the pressures of fame after hitting adulthood.

Between the DUIs, the odd tweets, the drastic makeover and incomprehensible actions, you would think the public wouldn’t be shocked by anything Bynes did at this point, but her behavior this week proved otherwise when the troubled actress was arrested by NYPD Thursday evening for allegedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window while trying to keep it from police.

It all went down when an employee at her building called the police regarding Bynes’ blatant marijuana smoking in the lobby, which led to the apartment showdown involving the now infamous bong throw into the street below. While she was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, she was also forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Roosevelt Hospital, an evaluation that apparently did little to address the actress’s mental state as she was released on her own recognizance mere hours later.

Since her run-in with the law, Bynes has taken to her favorite podium, Twitter, to denounce almost everyone involved in the snafu, and even some innocents that weren’t. From alleging the NYPD sexually harassed her (which the NYPD says is definitely untrue), to randomly attacking singer Rihanna with insults like “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” it appears no one is safe from the wrath of Bynes.

It all boils down to yet another sad chapter in the downfall this past year of the once promising actress, who at the young age of 12 already had her own TV show. It’s unclear what led to the series of mishaps culminating in the latest scandal. Perhaps the roles weren’t floating her away as frequently as they had in the past, which is a problem many child actors face. Regardless, I think what is clear is the 27-year-old could use a good old intervention and get back on the right track. After all, once Courtney Love starts telling you to get it together, it’s probably a wise idea to follow suit…

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