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Summer 2012 is Here at the Movies! But Which Flicks Will Soar, and Which Will Suck?

Summer is upon us! And as usual, Hollywood is throwing its best and brightest blockbusters at the world, hoping to break box office records, or at the very least, break even. So what’s in store for those looking to beat the heat at theaters this year? Here’s a breakdown of five flicks we think will […]


Superman Returns In New “Man of Steel” trailer – Is it Everything You’ve Hoped For?‏

When I heard a few weeks ago that a full-length trailer for Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman, entitled “Man of Steel,” was going to be shown at screenings for “The Hobbit,” I can honestly say I let out a minor squeal of fan-girl joy. So you can imagine my insane reaction when said full-length trailer […]


Rumor Mill: Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play Batman in “Justice League” Movie, New Superman Flick – Or Both?

Not many young actors can say: “I played Batman.” Except, that is, for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. When last summer’s smash “The Dark Knight Rises” hit its final act [SPOILER ALERT!], Gordon-Levitt’s character was revealed to be Robin, the boy wonder himself. And with Christian Bale’s Batman hanging up his cowl, the implication seemed to be that […]