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Amanda Bynes – Brilliant Performance Artist, Or Mentally-Unhinged Cautionary Tale? Here’s The Latest On Hollywood’s Bigest Enigma

As the case with former child star Amanda Bynes gets stranger by the minute, it would almost seem at home as the plot of a bizarrely inappropriate skit on the actress’s old “The Amanda Show.” Sadly, that is not the case and the reality seems to be that Bynes’ is yet another tragic tale to […]


From Justin Bieber to Amanda Bynes to Eddie Murphy: Can These Careers Be Saved?

Oh Hollywood, you fickle, tempestuous beast. For every shining moment and star it produces, there seems to be someone taking a hit. In the city that can make or break you faster than you can say “I’m ready for my close up,” there’s the persistent problem that plagues certain celebrities. Because for every Robert Downey […]