Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Begin Work on Next Project Together – And It Will Come in a Wine Bottle?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fans, get ready to raise your glasses, as Hollywood’s most famous power couple are launching their own wine label – and if the result is anything like the two of them, it should be a very fine wine indeed.

According to the site, Brangelina will be producing a rosé called Miraval – named for the Chateau Miraval, their home that sits on about 148 acres of vines in Correns, France. This will be the first wine made from their vineyard, which they purchased in 2008.

The “Inglourious Basterds” star’s rep told that the couple were thrilled by the idea of becoming vintners. “We are intimately involved, and quite enthused over the wine project with our friends the Perrin family,” he said of French winemaker Marc Perrin and family, who will produce the wines and handle distribution.

So, you may be asking yourself, just how much are Brad and Angie really involved in this venture? The A-list Hollywood actors took part in the rose-blending sessions, and also helped choose the wine bottle and label, which will carry the name “Jolie-Pitt and Perrin.”

“[We] tasted a range of Provence roses to understand what the neighbors were doing and to decide what we wanted,” Perrin explained of their partnership, adding that it was important to the actors that the whole process be environmentally-aware. “For us, organic is the only way to grow grapes.”

The couple’s Miraval wine will reportedly have a very strong floral flavor, with wild lily aromas and additions of strawberry and raspberry; the white wine versions will be available later this summer, and all parties will share equally in the profits.

Oddly enough, the Miraval wine was formerly called “Pink Floyd,” because the British rock band recorded their 1979 classic album “The Wall” in studios on the estate now owned by Brangelina.

“If you knew Brad and Angelina, you would see they are in search of perfection in everything,” Perrin said of their partnership. “We talked a lot, and did the first harvest together. They are very demanding in seeking excellence in the quality and character of their wine.”

As someone who enjoys fine wine, I will definitely be giving the Miraval a try. Congrats to Brad and Angelina, and here’s hoping we canal look forward to the fruits of their new project!

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