Taylor Swift Debuts New Song, Video Featuring “Real Life Friends”

Man, sometimes I wonder how Taylor Swift does it. The girl must seriously never sleep; or maybe she’s one of those rare and exotic creatures that gets a relaxing 2 hours, and then awakens alert, energized, ready to take on the world. Regardless, it’s quite clear the young singer is on a roll and never misses an opportunity to unleash awesomeness on the masses. Case in point: in between visiting with a sick fan and kicking off a 47-city tour for her quadruple-platinum album “Red,” the songstress also found time today to debut a music video for her new song “22” on “Good Morning America.”

Via video feed from Omaha, Nebraska where she will be kicking off her tour this evening, Swift acknowledged that the fun atmosphere portrayed in the video was genuine, saying, “I’ve never had this much fun shooting a video because my friends in the video are actually my real-life friends.” Seems like it was a good strategy that paid off for the star; the video plays out as a strong friendship anthem, which is safe to say, a bit of a departure from some of her more love-struck tunes she became famous for.

Between frolicking on the beach and getting dolled up to party (Yes, this is fairly accurate. For ladies, getting ready for a party with friends is often more fun the party itself), Taylor and company appear to be having a blast with nary a dude in sight. The tone of the song is extremely enjoyable as well, a nice, rousing dose of fresh pop enthusiasm that’s pretty hard to ignore. Creating catchy tunes for her legions of fans has amounted to her the level of success that few women in the industry have reached before, and this all by the age of 23 (…or as Taylor sings it, “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22…”).

It’s also a refreshing video/song choice for Swift since lately she seems to be consistently on trial for her personal life. From her recent speculated feud with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to her heavily publicized break-ups, I’d say it’s about time that Swift takes some time and maybe just celebrates being the young gal she is, surrounded by friends, and taking part in some carefree shenanigans. As Taylor says it best, “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” Truth, girl. Sing it.

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