F-Bombs, Brawls and Drunken Rants: The Beauty of Jamie Kennedy’s Live NYE Television Show

Recently, we had a conversation about the days of live TV and how much we miss it – aside from “Saturday Night Live” and the occasional news-related live report, it seems, there is very little opportunity any more for truly outrageous things to happen on the airwaves. Well, this definitely NSFW-clip might make you feel equally nostalgic for the days of no time delay – as well as scared for our future.

In Los Angeles, there’s a station named KDOC which apparently put together a completely live (and thoroughly under-publicized) New Year’s Eve show to compete with the more pre-fab affairs run by Carson Daly and Ryan Seacrest. But as you can see in this clip, New Year’s Ever revelry seems to have won out over things like professionalism, well-planned packages, and managed stage presentation.

From Jamie Kennedy’s lewdness to Shannon Elizabeth’s barely-more-than-a-cameo to Macy Gray’s confusion of 11:50 and 11:15 (seriously, did she not know what time she was going on?), saying that the celebs in the clip are phoning it in would be kind. Then there’s the “normal” people – all of whom capitalize on their 15 minutes by either swearing into the camera, mocking a reporter behind his back, or being too concerned with their cell phone to even notice that the star of “Son of the Mask” is attempting to converse with them.

In short, this whole clip is candy for the masses. There is nothing more compelling than pointing a camera at people and letting them sink-or-swim on their own accord, and it seems like Hollywood Blvd. required a lot of life preservers the other night.

Are we happy to see 2012 go? Will 2013 be a better year? Ultimately, the point seems moot – because at the this point, it’s safe to say that all we care about is waiting twelve more months to see whether KDOC repeats their live TV attempt as we go into 2014.

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