Grammys Bring Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Fun. and Frank Ocean to Music’s Biggest Night

While the 2013 Grammy Awards may have lacked some surprise when it came to the big winners of the night, it more than made up for it in the drama that unfolded, both onstage and off. From bold fashion choices (especially in light of the recent smack-down on inappropriate dress possibly exposing “bare fleshy under curves” to Taylor Swift’s journey down the rabbit hole, there was certainly enough gossip fodder to keep us entertained for the night. Here are some of the highlights:

Obviously, the red-carpet fashion hits and misses are always at the front of everyone’s minds at any awards show, especially so at the Grammys since risque and bizarre entrances have kind of become the norm (how anyone will ever be able to top Lady Gaga emerging from a giant egg is beyond me). With the new conservative dress guidelines it was infinitely more intriguing to see who would stretch the boundaries. And the award goes to J. Lo, the originator of the provocative Grammy dress. This year, she opted for a curiously draped gown that showed off an entire leg, challenging Angelina Jolie for the title of Best Appearance by a Limb. When asked about her wardrobe choice, Lopez quipped “They said nothing about the legs…I thought I was being such a good girl!”.

In another non-official award category, the prize goes to the lovely Taylor Swift for Best Not-So-Subtle dig at an ex! While Taylor has never exactly been coy about taking out her romantic frustration through song, she seemed to take perfect aim in a certain “one direction” at her most recent old flame, Brit pop star Harry Styles during her performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Putting on a mock British accent, Swift joked about a certain someone calling to say “I still love you,” but Swift jabbing back, “I’m sorry, I’m busy opening at the Grammys…”. Obviously the insult is entirely speculation, but seeing as how the split is still fresh, we wouldn’t put it past the unlucky-in-love songstress to take a little comfort in some quality venting!

Speaking of venting, it doesn’t seem like Chris Brown has let off any steam since his parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean a few weeks ago. When Ocean won the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album over rival Brown, did Brown take the high road and join in at least pretending to be congratulatory? Not quite. Brown was shown as being the only one to not give Ocean a standing ovation, proving the feud has no signs of stopping. I’m sure Ocean isn’t feeling any pain though, not with that shiny new trophy to keep him company.

Performance-wise, we were to treated to some of the best acts in the industry, including a welcome return to music for Justin Timberlake, and the likes of Maroon 5, Alicia Keys, Album of the Year winners Mumford & Sons, Best New Artist winner Fun., and many more. For a complete list of last night’s victors, see here. Until next year folks! We’ve got our ears open, eagerly anticipating what this year in music will bring.

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