Hot Viral Video: Ghost Pranks Drive-Thru Workers, Gets Fries With That

There’s a new viral video rocketing around the Interwebs this morinng, and it’s a pretty funny one.

Created by something called “Penguin Magic” that appears to be a magic site, the video begins with a man explaining his ploy to disguise himself as the driver’s seat of his car. “For this prank, what I did was I built this car seat costume,” he says, turning it around to reveal a bunch of altered cardboard boxes and some masking tape. “What I’m gonna do with this costume is I’m going to put it on and go through a drive-thru.”

What follows is 3-and-a-half minutes of hilarity as a camera captures the car pulling up to various drive-thru windows, only to have the fast food employees freak out. Some laugh, others take pictures of the empty car, most grab co-workers to check it out. Overall, it’s a very fun video deserving of your time:

Of course, in this age of instant outrage, some on Twitter are already complaining that this guy and his prank video are mocking fast-food employees, essentially kicking people who aren’t exactly living the high life in the first place. But we say, that’s nonsense.

Unlike other viral videos that have food being thrown at employees (and that’s among the nicer things), this includes the fast-food workers in the fun. In at least one case, the worker reacts by wanting to take an Instagram photo! All this prank did was bring a smile to the faces of some people who are used to working an entire shift without one. No harm done, fun for all – watch the video and enjoy!

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