Jodie Foster Expands On Her Golden Globe Speech, Mel Gibson, Mom and Why Kristen Stewart Inspires Her

Jodie Foster delivered an amazing, confessional speech while accepting Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement in film at the 70th Annual Golden Globes. But backstage, she had even more to say.

Asked about the comments she made sending love to her ailing Mom, the Oscar winner explained: “My mom is an amazing inspiration for me. She picked me up from school and took me to see foreign films, sometimes two or three. She wouldn’t let me do my homework because she really wanted me to see movies. She passed that along to me and I’m grateful that she wanted me to be respected. That was her number one goal for me and I think that that permeated my early career.”

Despite rumors that the speech may have marked her retirement, Foster told reporters it was not true. “You’d have to drag me behind a team of horses [to get me to retire]. No, I’m not retiring from acting. I’d like to be directing tomorrow. If you have something that’s perfect for me, I’d like to be directing tomorrow so no, I feel, I’m actually more into it than I’ve ever been.”

Some at home may have been wondering why infamous fallen star Mel Gibson was at her table; Foster said true friends are as loyal as they are forgiving. “I know Mel Gibson extremely well and he’s someone that I love, that I’ve worked with, that I respect and it’s not difficult to say that, you know?” she said. “It’s very easy to say that. The man that I know is a true and loyal friend and considerate, loving and I think it’s important that when people are struggling, that you not run away from them if you love them.”

She also told reporters that she continues to draw inspiration from young actresses in Hollywood, including Kristen Stewart, who got her major break playing Foster’s “Panic Room” daughter. Foster also directed Danes in “Home for the Holidays.”

“I look at the room tonight, Kristen Stewart and Claire Danes, Jennifer Lawrence, all these young women that I’ve worked with who basically were child actors like I was a child actor, and I feel very protective of them because even though I think I have managed to get through the process, relatively sanely, I have my scars,” she said. “And I hope to be in some ways a member of their family that’s out there protecting them.”

“I think that’s what these awards do,” she continued. “They’re about looking into the patterns of your career and seeing how they express you and how they expressed you psychologically. I’m an actress so that is what I do — you’re attracted to material, you show your insides, the things that & you move people and that has an effect not just on other people but on you as well. That’s what we do. It’s all about our psychology.”

Congratulations Jodie. Keep up your amazing work.

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