Justin Bieber “Personal Footage” Finally Leaks! Was it Worth the Hype?

After days of hype and blog-fueling controversy, the mystery of Justin Bieber’s stolen footage has been solved. As it turns out, it was all about…a music video?

As we reported yesterday morning, the superstar tweeted during this past week that his computer and camera had been stolen, saying that “I had a lot of personal footage on that computer.”

It didn’t take long for the media to take “personal footage” to mean “nude photos” or even “sex tape,” and as the “scandal” grew, fans and other folk began to wonder whether something would soon surface that could tarnish the image of the 18-year-old singer.

On Thursday afternoon, a Twitter user named @gexwy suddenly appeared. He had no avatar and all the markings of someone who had just joined the site, and shot back at Bieber with comments like:

“@justinbieber haha. that is what u think. we will see tomorrow at NOON. last chance.”

“and the rest of u can just shutup. u have no idea what i have and when u see tomorrow u will feel different.”

And finally: “TOMORROW PUNK! @justinbieber”

Soon after, Bieber appeared to be getting downright emotional about his predicament: “THIS IS WHAT I DO IT FOR!! THE MUSIC AND THE FANS! MY BELIEBERS!! THAT’S WHAT MATTERS! OUR ALBUM, OUR TOUR, OUR MUSIC, OUR MEMORIES! LOVE U!”

Then, sometime this morning, Bieber’s account appeared to be hacked. His 29 million followers were inundated with tweets calling out popular entertainment sites with the hashtag warning #noon over and over.

At 20 minutes before noon, Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) tweeted: “I’d be by a computer in 20 mins if i were u…”

Then at noon, all was finally revealed. “Since i was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family,” Bieber explained. “to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character…but today…today i get to be in on it…”

And then, as fans had begun to expect, he posted a link to “Beauty and a Beat,” his new music video featuring Minaj. Simultaneously, @gexwy tweeted “HERE IT IS @JUSTINBIEBER!!!” and posted the same link.

The video begins with a “Blair Witch” like intro explaining: “In October of 2012 three hours of personal footage was stolen from musician Justin Bieber. The following footage was illegally uploaded by an anonymous blogger.”

What follows is crudely-edited footage of Bieber playing ping-pong and partying, and then more slickly-edited shots of Bieber singing the song to a handheld camera. As if any doubt remained, at one point he walks past a table with the words “Beauty and a Beat – written, directed and shot by Justin Bieber” written on it. Yeah, once you’ve bragged that you’re the director and photographer of a video, it’s kinda hard to pretend some “anonymous blogger” is behind it.

Anyway, here it is if you want to take a look for yourself:

Of course, we here at Nicerazzi would never say “Told you so.” But let the record show that yesterday while talking about the leaked footage we warned: “We’d never say Biebs is complicit in this – only that educated pop culture fans shouldn’t always believe everything they read.”

As it turns out, he was indeed complicit. So, what do you think of Biebs’ deception of his 29 million Twitter followers? Will @gexwy be forever infamously remembered as his Chris Gaines? Or has the Biebs engineered a brilliant feat of modern-day marketing? Weigh in with your thoughts below!

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