Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Among Celebrities Displaced By Hurricane Sandy

Proving that no one has been immune from Hurricane Sandy’s destructive path along the eastern seaboard last week, the folks over at the Huffington Post report that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel’s Brooklyn home is currently underwater. The couple, along with Williams’ 7-year-old daughter Matilda Ledger, had just recently moved into the shared abode in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood when the storm hit, leaving it and the surrounding area unlivable.

Apparently the warehouse-turned apartment building and neighborhood suffered the effects of storm surges that brought the eight-foot breakwater flooding everything in its path. And as if the devastating impact of the flooding wasn’t bad enough, the area has been dealing with sustained power loss as well as the inevitable decay from the Fairway grocery store that serves as the warehouse’s ground floor. In a story from Time magazine regarding the area’s misfortune, it was said that a “stench of meat beginning to rot hung over the store’s muddied rear entrance.”

Thankfully the twosome, who have been dating since April, were able to vacate unscathed and are staying in Williams’ Brooklyn brownstone, the home she had previously shared with Matilda’s father, the late Heath Ledger, since 2005.

However, they weren’t the only celebrities affected by the massive hurricane, as others have stepped forward to report damage to their own homes. Actor Donnie Wahlberg suffered a similar fate as he tweeted that his New York City high rise was under a foot of water. And while the famous Jersey Shore house in Seaside lucked out and emerged unscathed, “Shore” start Jenni “JWoww” Farley told Jay Leno her house sustained “fixable” damage, as opposed to her hometown of Toms River, NJ. The town, like so much of New Jersey, was left ravaged, with Farley tweeting a photo of a street and cars completely submerged in flood waters.

While the week has been unimaginably difficult for the thousands who have lost their homes and those still dealing with power outages and struggles to provide food, water, and shelter, there is some light beginning to peek through at the end of the tunnel. The star-studded relief benefit concert for Sandy’s victims on Friday reportedly raked in around $23 million that will go to the American Red Cross. Hopefully, this kind of momentum towards helping out those in need will be sustained in the weeks to come.

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