More Trouble For Lindsay Lohan, as IRS Seizes Her Funds

Another day, another dose of drama for Lindsay Lohan – and today, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Lindsay owes a chunk of change on back taxes, and this week the IRS was forced to take some pretty drastic measures to get ahold of their money. Everyone’s most feared governmental agency seized the troubled star’s bank accounts to collect back taxes from 2009-2010, which total at least $233,904. This is even after a $100,000 charitable contribution from Charlie Sheen. And sadly, that’s not all! Lohan also owes additional taxes from 2011.

Maybe Lindsay’s money troubles were what that psychic, Tiffany Mitchell, was having premonitions about before trying to offer a free reading to the cash-strapped redhead at a New York City club last week. Mitchell got a smackdown, Long Island style, from Lindsay for her trouble. Lohan was arrested on assault charges that night and released after a few hours. For the record, Lindsay is claiming it was a set up and has even hired a private eye to look into the alleged psychic’s background.

Poor Lindsay is also due back in court to face charges of lying to police about being behind the wheel for last June’s infamous car wreck. She might even be headed off to jail for the holidays.

I think that if Lindsay wants to dig herself out of this financial situation she should talk to Nicolas Cage, because that man has a plan to get out of his issues with the IRS. Also, please film that meeting – because if they broadcast it, pay-per-view style, Lindsay would probably make enough money to pay off half her debt on the spot.

At this point the list of celebrities who aren’t in trouble with the IRS seems to be getting shorter then the list of famous people who are – but sadly, for Lindsay, this appears to be just another day in the life.

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