#NowTrending: Seth MacFarlane Gets Twitter Talking – But Did They Love Him or Hate Him?

When “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane hosted the Oscars, folks were watching closely to see how he’d balance raunch with reverence – and for the most part, the 39-year-old “Ted” director stayed true to his comedic roots, for better or worse. Now, with audiences having mixed reviews of his polarizing performance, he’s being called everything from the best Oscar host to the worst.

At first, MacFarlane seemed in on the joke, as he opened with a gag that had William Shatner interrupting him with a message from the future. As “Captain Kirk” showed a video clip of a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” and warned that it would bomb, MacFarlane promised to change his gameplan, saying: “I’ll take ‘mediocre’” instead.

Once the show really got going, however, MacFarlane had no shortage of targets. From calling “Django Unchained” the perfect date movie for Chris Brown and Rihanna to swipes at Ben Affleck to teasing Oscar for giving awards to people like Jean Dujardin to teasing George Clooney about his predilection towards younger women, MacFarlane certainly wasn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Probably his most controversial joke, however, was a remark on “Lincoln.”

“I always thought the actor who got most inside Lincoln’s head,” he joked, “was John Wilkes Booth.” The crowd groaned and some may see it as over the top – but for those of you who watch “Family Guy,” that sort of humor is no surprise.

Of course, MacFarlane’s efforts received mixed reactions on the Web.

Sometimes host and fellow bad boy Ricky Gervais (@RickyGervais) offered Seth some advice. “@SethMacFarlane have a blast at The Oscars. Don’t hold back. Just call me if you run out of Scientology & holocaust gags.”

Added “Twilight” star Peter Facinelli (@PeterFacinelli): “Enjoying the Oscars with @SethMacFarlane hosting. Best year yet.”

But not everyone was so kind. Cartoonist Johnny Ryan (@MrJohnnyRyan) joked: “I’m surprised Seth MacFarlane has decided to host the Oscars since Matt Groening hasn’t done it yet.”

Added critic/columnist Alyssa Rosenberg (@AlyssaRosenberg ( “I want to sit down Seth MacFarlane and introduce him to the wide world of kind and non-sexual humor. I think it would blow his mind.”

Other Oscar moments on Sunday also got plenty of people talking.

Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien) tweeted: “Jennifer Lawrence: Sorry I couldn’t be your Oscar date tonight, but Emmanuelle Riva is going to be there – and you know how my exes are.”

“I always dreamed that the score of one of my films would be used to play people off at the Oscars,” teased Richard Dreyfuss (@RichardDreyfuss), referencing the “Jaws” theme being played as “wrap it up” music. “We did it, Steven!”

“No. My son was the one who lifted Katherine Zeta Jones up by her crotch.” -mom of the guy who lifted Katherine zeta jones up by the crotch,” joked actor Eric Stonestreet (@ericstonestreet) of “Modern Family.”

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