From Justin Bieber to Amanda Bynes to Eddie Murphy: Can These Careers Be Saved?

Oh Hollywood, you fickle, tempestuous beast. For every shining moment and star it produces, there seems to be someone taking a hit. In the city that can make or break you faster than you can say “I’m ready for my close up,” there’s the persistent problem that plagues certain celebrities. Because for every Robert Downey Jr. that can clean up their act and experience an astoundingly successful career renaissance, there are about five stars that for one reason or another can’t get their career back on track. Here are five that are unfortunately not at the top of their game, but we should still have faith in anyway:

Amanda Bynes – Odds are you’ve been hearing a lot about this gal in the tabloids the last year or so. From a confusing retirement announcement in 2010 and car accidents/license suspension, to a move to New York City that has since involved a dramatic makeover and bizarre tweeting, it seems the former child star has lost her way. While it would be easy to dismiss her as just another fallen starlet who couldn’t handle the pressures of fame, I wouldn’t write her off so quickly. This is a girl who had her own Nickelodeon show at the age of 13! Since we know she has some serious comedic acting chops, it would be great to see her dive back in. But since she may be more interested in starting a fashion line, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that some other famous child stars (Olsen twins ring a bell?) left acting for fashion and have built quite a prestigious empire…

Eddie Murphy – Once a reigning king of comedy at the multiplex, Murphy’s had a rough ten years. While his voiceover work in the “Shrek” movies has kept his career relevant, his live-action work has left something to be desired. With dud after dud opening at the box office (remember “Meet Dave”? Yeah, neither do I), it seemed possible his career might never recover. But all hope is not lost for this funny man. There are a couple ways he could climb back to the top. If there was any doubt he could pull off a dramatic role, his 2006 performance in “Dreamgirls” (which netted him an Oscar nod) proved otherwise. Eddie should look for more roles like this, even in smaller, independent pictures that have a grittier feel. He may have to sacrifice a paycheck, but it could give him the street cred he needs. Also, perhaps a throwback to his stand-up roots would help. There’s a reason his 1987 stand-up special “Raw” is legendary. Follow the comedy light, Eddie!

Justin Bieber – You may be questioning the inclusion of Bieber, and rightfully so. His career is still at its apex, he’s as popular as ever. Unfortunately, the Biebs has been in the news quite a bit lately, and none of it sounds so hot. There’s the strange saga of his pet monkey being confiscated in Germany and some neighborly problems, as well as a few anger issues coming to light. With his recent breakup from Selena Gomez still fresh, it’s not that far-fetched that he might be going through some issues. And when a celebrity goes through issues, the world’s prying eyes are often there to see it. Since I believe he does have a good head on his shoulders, it’s best to nip this in the bud. Perhaps he needs to take a little break. Do us all a favor and take a breather on an isolated island somewhere, Biebs. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on the pop universe once again!

Lindsay Lohan – Of course this list could not be complete without a mention of LiLo. The 26-year-old actress has had one of the more tragic falls from grace, as her once promising career acting amidst industry titans like Meryl Streep and Tina Fey has been relegated to appearances in the likes of “Scary Movie 5.” Between the near constant influx of DUIs, court appearances, and rehab stays of the past 7 or so years, it’s easy to forget the adorable little girl that dazzled us in “The Parent Trap” and the wry teenager that voiced a high school generation in “Mean Girls.” Many have given up on her ever recovering, but I’m not so sure. Since she’s once again headed to rehab, I have to have faith that one day she will get clean. And hopefully, after that happens, filmmakers will be willing to take a chance on her again. She has to prove it to herself and audiences, and it will not be an easy battle, but in the long run, she’s still got a shot to turn things around. The talent we all saw is still buried there somewhere!

Once again, it is oh-so easy for actors to make a misstep that costs them all of what they’ve achieved. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, Hollywood loves a good comeback. We embraced Robert Downey Jr. as “Iron Man” extraordinaire, and it seems there’s NOTHING Charlie Sheen can do that will stop us from loving him. Hey, if these guys could do it, anybody can.

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