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The “X-Men” Are Back As Details Leak About the Blockbuster Prequel “Days of Future Past”!

To add to the list of never-ending teases that director Bryan Singer is raining down on the legions of “X-Men” fans, the filmmaker recently tweeted a picture of cast member Ellen Page all suited up as Kitty Pryde, adding to the growing allure of this newest anticipated chapter. For weeks, Singer has been reveling in […]


Casting Call: Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker Land New Roles – And Will Spider-Man Be Battling Jamie Foxx?

Welcome to week two of casting call! We’re here to report on some of the most notable, unusual, and exciting casting news in the business. This week we saw a slew of movie roles being filled by some real heavy hitters like Harrison Ford, Jamie Foxx, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Movie News: Christopher Waltz may […]