Casting Call: Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker Land New Roles – And Will Spider-Man Be Battling Jamie Foxx?

Welcome to week two of casting call! We’re here to report on some of the most notable, unusual, and exciting casting news in the business. This week we saw a slew of movie roles being filled by some real heavy hitters like Harrison Ford, Jamie Foxx, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Movie News:

Christopher Waltz may seem like an unlikely family friendly choice, but it looks like the Oscar-winner will be joining “The Muppets” sequel. Waltz is most recognized for his villainous roles in “Inglorious Basterds”, “Water for Elephants” and “The Green Hornet.” In the sequel to the 2011 hit Jason Segel flick, Waltz would play an Interpol Inspector, which actually sounds right up his alley – we certainly know by now that Waltz can work a uniform!

Harrison Ford and Zac Efron team up for the thriller “You Belong With Me” directed by Rob Reiner, known for such classics as “This Is Spinal Tap” and “When Harry Met Sally.” Ford will play a psychiatrist whose female patient commits suicide. He finds comfort in befriending her brother, played by Efron, but Zac’s character reveals ulterior motives when he begins seducing Ford’s wife and daughter. These are two of Hollywood’s hottest actors (for very different demographics) and seeing them team up would be fantastic.

Jamie Foxx is in talks to join the next installment of “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise as the villain Electro. He broke the news by tweeting: “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well.” As you might have gathered from the name “Electro,” his character has the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning. Foxx would join Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and potentially Shaliene Woodley as Mary Jane.

Sarah Jessica Parker has officially joined the cast of Tom Vaughn’s “Mix Tape.” Parker will play an aunt who raises her niece after her sister passes away. The niece is on a journey to discover more about her mom after she accidentally destroys her mother’s old mixtape.

Michael Fassbender and Colin Firth join the new indie drama “Genius.” Michael Grandage will be directing the upcoming movie based on the complicated life of Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins. Perkins was the editor who worked with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and, you guessed it, Thomas Wolfe. Fassbender will portray Wolfe, while Firth tackles the role of Perkins.

Vince Vaughn is continuing his flirtations with drama, from the “Pyscho” remake and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” to the action-thriller “Triple Time” directed by Peter Billingsley. Billingsley – who played Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” as a child actor – goes way back with Vaughn, produced his film “Made” and directed Vince in “Couples Retreat.” Believe it or not, the film will strictly be a serious role, and Vaughn won’t be injecting much comedy into this one. Vaughn is slated to play a U.S. Marshal who is forced to team up with a prisoner after their transport plane explodes and together uncover who’s responsible for the conspiracy. Seeing Vaughn in an all action role will definitely be an adjustment, do you think he can do it?

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