The Oscars are Finally Here! From Seth to KStew, Jennifer Lawrence to Bradley Cooper, Here’s What to Watch For

The 85th Academy Awards is coming your way this Sunday – and whether you’re watching with friends at a party or all alone on the couch in a Snuggie, here’s our list of some things that will make or break the show:

The Host – All eyes will be on first-time host Seth MacFarlane, as we’ll finally learn whether he’ll lean towards raunch or the tried-and-true, safer gameplan mapped out over the decades by the likes on Billy Crystal and Bob Hope. The Oscar hosting gig has fell into a bit of a rut the past few years, with the Academy trying everything from attracting new, younger viewers (which unfortunately led to a disastrous experience for co-hosts and viewers alike to retreating back to old stand-bys. Indeed, apart from Hugh Jackman’s lively musically-tinged gig in 2009 and some intermittent Steve Martin appearances, the difficult hosting job has become as stale as a day old bagel at Einstein Brothers. Perhaps MacFarlane can bring some of his “Ted” and “Family Guy” magic to this year’s proceedings while providing some much-needed raucousness. If not, I’d like to see the golden gals from the Golden Globes – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – get handed the reigns for next year.

The Fashion – Even if you’re not a fan of the sometimes-tedious telecast, plenty of people enjoy tuning in to see what Hollywood’s best and brightest show up wearing. Most of the lovely nominees – from Jessica Chastain to Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway – have a reputation for playing it glamorous and classy (if a little bit safe). Call me crazy, but I always hold out hope for at least one hilarious fashion faux pas to make their way down the red carpet. Maybe someone could resurrect Bjork’s infamous 2001 swan dress? With a presenter list that ranges from Kristen Stewart to Jane Fonda, there should certainly be a wide array of fashion choices on display.

The Winners – It was a great year in movies, with the majority of the nine Best Picture nominees all deserving of some gold in at least one category. But with so many categories looking like tight races, all bets are off. There are a couple apparent shoe-ins, however, like Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress and Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor. Every other actor must curse the years Day-Lewis has a new movie coming out, the guy is unstoppable. My heart aches a bit for Bradley Cooper as he was quite solid in “Silver Linings Playbook,” but there’s always next time!

The Surprises – There’s always a few. It’s extremely rare that everything goes according to plan, and there aren’t a few upsets. This year’s potential surprises all seem to revolve around “Argo,” especially if it wins Best Picture – a feat that a few short months ago would have seemed unfathomable. Ever since the Academy snubbed Ben Affleck for a Best Director nod, “Argo” has been sticking it to the man so to speak, and racking up wins at nearly every other awards fest. While Affleck has been casual about the snub, it should prove to be the ultimate validation for him should the film take the night’s top honor. Or, who knows, maybe voters will do something really crazy, ignoring “momentum” and simply giving the Oscar to…the best film of the year?

No matter what, soon enough, all our questions will be answered! Stay tuned with Nicerazzi for a recap of the Awards and winners!

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