“Catching Fire” With the Hunger Games Sequel as First Photos Leak From the Set of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and More

Is the post-Thanksgiving, back-to-work slump getting you a little down? Are you still recovering from all that turkey and mountains of stuffing, or are you perhaps getting a little hungry again, hungry for some “Hunger Games” news, perhaps?

Well, as my appetite for all things Katniss and crew is insatiable, I was delighted to see some behind-the-scenes shots of the sequel, “Catching Fire,” leaked recently onto the Web.

The photos from the film, which is currently being shot in Hawaii, give us numerous ganders at the girl-on-fire herself, Jennifer Lawrence, looking, well, decidedly not on fire. Anyone who has read the book should understand the context of the photos as our heroine is (SPOILER ALERT!) once again cast as a pawn in the ultra-violent games, but this time in a decidedly more difficult arena for a squirrel-hunting, woods-loving creature like herself.

Most of the pictures show Lawrence looking svelte in her Quarter Quell wetsuit, poised and ready to kick some butt and take a few names. Perhaps even more exciting, however, is that we seemingly get a first glimpse at actor Sam Claflin as fan favorite Finnick Odair – the handsome gent with suspicious motives that District 4 offers up to the Games gods.

The casting hunt for the much-loved character was shrouded in as much suspicion as Finnick himself, with weeks and weeks of handsome actors’ names being tossed cruelly into the mix only to be denied by heartless publicists. Relative newcomer Claflin (“Snow White and the Huntsman”) was finally announced to have nabbed the role back in August. And while, judging from the picture, his diving skills look every bit the athletic Finnick, I suppose I’ll need to see him in that famous fish-net costume from the book to really know for sure.

Moving on, Josh Hutcherson fans also have reason to rejoice. While Peeta, the-boy-with-the-bread, may have some issues with water to contend with, Hutcherson looks to be doing just fine as he chats with a fellow in scuba gear. Team Peeta!

Even though I personally get a little discouraged when there is a director change in the middle of a franchise, I’m eager to see what Francis Lawrence has in store for legions of fans as he adapts the ambitious sequel. And while I hate being this excited for something so far away (We have to wait a whole year!), at least we can be consoled with these generous offerings from time to time until the trailer hits. Then, as I’m sure will be the case with many other rabid fans, the anticipation will put me into an eager hibernation until November 2013.

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