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The New Trailer for “The Hunger Games” Sequel Is Here – And It’s Awesome!

Continuing our “Catching Fire” coverage of the past few months, it is with ecstatic glee that we can finally dissect the first teaser for “The Hunger Games” sequel! The trailer, which had its world premiere this Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards, was presented to an eager audience by Gale himself (Liam Hemsworth), although […]


Jennifer Lawrence Shines in New “Catching Fire” Photos!

It’s been a pretty good week for Jennifer Lawrence fans so far. Not only did we witness the 22-year-old actress win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy on Sunday night (and looking gorgeous as always on the red carpet), but we’re also being treated to some new images and a poster from […]


“Catching Fire” With the Hunger Games Sequel as First Photos Leak From the Set of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and More

Is the post-Thanksgiving, back-to-work slump getting you a little down? Are you still recovering from all that turkey and mountains of stuffing, or are you perhaps getting a little hungry again, hungry for some “Hunger Games” news, perhaps? Well, as my appetite for all things Katniss and crew is insatiable, I was delighted to see […]