Superman Returns In New “Man of Steel” trailer – Is it Everything You’ve Hoped For?‏

When I heard a few weeks ago that a full-length trailer for Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman, entitled “Man of Steel,” was going to be shown at screenings for “The Hobbit,” I can honestly say I let out a minor squeal of fan-girl joy. So you can imagine my insane reaction when said full-length trailer hit online.

My reaction is totally rational, however, since the teaser dropped in July looked more like a Terrence Malick -“Tree of Life” homage than anything we’ve seen before from director Zack Snyder before (“300”, “Watchmen”). With the teaser being extra teaser-y, giving us only glimpses of pretty nature shots, a voiceover, and a bearded fisherman version of Clark Kent, I had high expectations for the time when we would finally get a little more information to go on for the highly-anticipated reboot.

The new clip does not disappoint. In the span of two-and-a-half minutes, the trailer quite wonderfully lays down what I’m anticipating to be the central theme/struggle for our favorite Kryptonian: just because he has the abilities to change the world, should he? Is he doing the right thing by playing the hero? Based off young Clark’s conversation with his adoptive dad (well hello there, Kevin Costner) after he rescues a bus full of kids, Papa Kent isn’t so sure. It seems the consequences of interfering with the course of events are something that will plague the guy for quite some time (our superheroes are nothing if not faced with angst-filled life choices at all times). Besides, isn’t that a shot of Superman in handcuffs we see briefly there? Perhaps the citizens of Metropolis aren’t such a fan of our flying friend…

Other observations: Henry Cavill fits the bill of Superman in a physical sense so perfectly; I can only hope his acting will as well. That shot of him taking off, faster than a speeding bullet? Ridiculously awesome. The special effects look top notch, with the inevitable explosions and destruction keeping with the trailer’s overall tone. My only complaint? Not nearly enough footage of Michael Shannon (playing villain General Zod) or Amy Adams (Superman’s gal pal Lois Lane).

I also have to give out props to Warner Bros. for really milking Christopher Nolan’s involvement in this project. If you’re going to do a superhero reboot these days, having the guy who just made the most critically-acclaimed reboot of all time producing your newest franchise is a good way to go. Snyder definitely seems to be following in the footsteps of Nolan, with a grimmer and more foreboding outlook on life than we’ve probably seen from Supes before. Fingers crossed that come next June, the payoff will be as great as anticipated.

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