The New Trailer for “The Hunger Games” Sequel Is Here – And It’s Awesome!

Continuing our “Catching Fire” coverage of the past few months, it is with ecstatic glee that we can finally dissect the first teaser for “The Hunger Games” sequel! The trailer, which had its world premiere this Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards, was presented to an eager audience by Gale himself (Liam Hemsworth), although it seemed many were more than a little disappointed that Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) was not there to join him …

Hey, J. Law’s a busy gal and one of the most in-demand actresses of our time so I think we can cut her a little slack. Now let’s dive in to that trailer! Spoilers may abound so if you do not know want to know details, stop reading!

As in the books, we know that our victors from District 12 are forced to go on a shameless victory tour through the losing districts, an act that instead of placating the masses, seems to spur them on with the beginning rumbles of revolution. While we are shown scenes of this, we’re also given shots of a conversation between the perilous dictator President Snow and new character, Plutarch Heavensbee, the new Gamemaker.

Plutarch (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) is shown in evil cahoots with the President, discussing the proposed downfall of our heroine. However, fans of the books know that Plutarch’s playing possum (say that five times fast). Oscar winner Hoffman and his considerable acting talent is a welcome addition to the franchise, one of many fan favorite characters that will be making their debut in “Fire.” While we unfortunately do not get a look at characters like Johanna, Finnick, or Beetee, we do get to see returning alums Effie Trinket, Haymitch, and Katniss’ sister Prim and how they seem to be doing after the events from the first movie (Effie’s still rocking the Capitol couture and fabulous for it.)

And since we also don’t actually see any of the Games or the arena, the trailer primarily centers on Katniss and the fact that while Panem sees her as a hero, she certainly doesn’t feel like one nor wants to be the symbol that’s become. Throw in some romantic turmoil (of course) courtesy of a kiss with Gale (remember, she’s supposed to be Peeta’s paramour), and a rather graphic public whipping, also courtesy of Gale, and you’ve got the makings of what appears to be a pretty phenomenal and gripping sequel. Now all we have to do is start counting the days until the movie’s November 22nd release date and our bow-slinging, reluctant champion is on the big screen once again!

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